NTA projects

NTA has initiated projects to increase Nordic collaboration on clinical trials.

Strategic implementation projects 2016

The 2013 NTA Stakeholder Workshop identified several areas where the need of coordinative activities seemed imminent. 
During the fall of 2013 a call for proposals were launched and after receiving applications the NTA board has awarded funds to the following projects:
1.    Ethical Review Process for Clinical Trials in the Nordic Countries 
2.    Monitoring of Clinical Research
3.    Transparency and Registration
4.    Collaboration between Industry and Academia
5.    Pediatrics (strategic area)

In July 2014 the NordForsk Board awarded funding to five additional research projects promoting joint Nordic clinical studies.

  • Assisted reproductive technology and safety in the Nordic countries, Project leader: Anja Pinborg, Denmark
  • Nordic Arthroplasty Register Association - an international quality register study of total joint arthroplasty of four nations, Project leader: Keijo Mäkälä, Finland
  • NordStar, Project leader: Merete Lund Hetland, Denmark
  • BMT in elderly AML - a prospective, controlled, international study, Project leader: Mats Brune, Sweden
  • Discontinuation of infliximab therapy in patients with Crohns’ disease during sustained complete remission, Project leader: Mark Ainsworth, Denmark

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