The Norwegian and Finnish Ministers of Health call for increase in Nordic clinical trials

Apr 22, 2016
The ministers of health in Norway and Finland, Bent Høie and Juha Rehula, are sending out a joint letter to the other Nordic health ministers that recommends a stronger Nordic effort to enhance cooperation in health research.

The backdrop for the initiative is a joint concern over the decline in Nordic research cooperation and clinical trials during the last few years.

- The aim is to achieve a stronger cooperation between the Nordic countries to increase the number of clinical trials in the region. We have good prospects in the Nordic region to perform clinical trials - but the challenge is that each country has too small patient groups, says Bent Høie to Dagens Medisin. 

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Tor Martin Nilsen/NordForsk 

The Nordic Trial Alliance (NTA) is a project that aims to facilitate clinical research cooperation in the Nordic region. It is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers and NordForsk.