Nordic Monitoring Network - Network for Monitoring and Quality Assurance of Academic Studies in the Nordic Countries

The aim of the Nordic Monitoring Network is to make the Nordic countries a more attractive place to conduct a clinical trial by branding the Nordic region. The network aims to offer a coordinated GCP-monitoring of academic multinational drug studies, which are being conducted in the Nordic countries and to increase the level of GCP-knowledge amongst academic researchers in the Nordic countries and thereby increase the quality of the drug research.

The network also aims to create a forum that can speak with one voice, when lobbying with regard to new legislation on drug trials etc. Among other things, the network will update an earlier map of all monitoring units that offer monitoring of academic drug trials in the Nordic countries. It will also work to improve and further develop a system of coordinated monitoring of multinational studies in the Nordic countries, adding a communication plan to the guidelines. The network will also share knowledge and experience (e.g. regarding course activities) at regular meetings twice a year.

Facts about the project
Project manager

Aarhus and Aalborg University Hospitals
Project Leader: Birgitte Vilsbøll Hansen